Our Services

Interior design to fit your lifestyle

We offer comprehensive interior design & project coordination services for apartment and house renovations of various sizes. Our team works closely with you and the contractors to coordinate the details, making the process easier for you.

Project coordination services

During our project, we are your advocate and advisor.
With 20 years of experience, we use our proven process to deliver:

  • Clear team communication with contractors and clients to limit unwelcome surprises during your project
  • Timeline and budget oversight to keep you on track and updated throughout the process
  • Trade coordination and follow up to keep the team accountable


Our 3D renderings are a design tool, not just a pretty picture

We utilize renderings throughout the design and construction process in order to help with your understanding of the final result!

How We Work


  • Meet
  • Design Proposal

Design Concept

  • Design
  • Presentation
  • Budget

Design Details

  • Details
  • Schedule
  • Pre-Construction Coordination

Project Cooridnation

  • Construction Begins!
  • Site Visits
  • Team Coordination


Frequently Asked Questions

We offer a customized flat fee for our Design Concept Phase, which is determined during our in-person consultation with you.

For services beyond the initial Design Phase, we use a combination of hourly and percentage based fees, allowing us to adapt to your specific budget and project needs during the process.

To learn more about our rates and process, schedule a Free Discovery Call.
Our expertise and relationships with trades people help to keep things moving as swiftly and stress-free as possible. Home renovation timelines can vary based on project size, complexity, and unforeseen delays, but our project management services include regular updates on site progress and team coordination to keep everyone accountable.

To learn more about your project timeline, schedule a Free Discovery Call.
We work on projects in Manhattan and the surrounding New York City area, and can submit all of the documents that your building will need to approve your project.

To learn more about how we can help with your building approvals, schedule a Free Discovery Call.
We are a full service interior design company, and have outside Architects we work with when filing is needed for interior renovation projects. We can help advise and coordinate the team to best suit your project.

To learn more about how we coordinate Architectural services, schedule a Free Discovery Call and we can advise on how best to proceed.
We work on a variety of project sizes, from new build homes and large apartment renovations, to smaller individual projects such as stand alone kitchen and bathroom remodels.

To find out if our fees and services are a fit for your project, schedule a Free Discovery Call.
When we handle the purchasing on your behalf, we extend our trade discount to you, so you save. We charge a fee for the time invested in placing, tracking and scheduling the delivery of that order, which is a percentage of the discounted price.

To learn more about our purchasing process, schedule a Free Discovery Call.