Riverdale, New York

3,500 Sq Ft
3 Bedroom / 5 Bathroom

This transformed mid-century home in Riverdale, New York was completely gut renovated in order to create a more modern and highly functional space designed for the needs of this family.

A palette of warm, neutral colors was used throughout the house, blending warm blacks and rich wood tones. Areas such as the playroom and home gym, was a departure from those neutral tones, using bright and vibrant mid-century inspired colors, in order to create an atmosphere of joy and energy.

In the bathrooms, we continued to play with the balance of neutral tones, textures and color, so each room has it’s own character. The result is a harmonious blend of functionality and style, making every moment in these spaces a livable, luxurious experience.

Architect: Michael Goldblum, Building Studio Architects