New York City

900 Sq Ft
1 Bedroom / 1 Bathroom

Minimal and modern, with Japanese influence was the look that this client wanted for her home. Her 900 square foot apartment was not just for her, but also for her sweet cat named Masa, and since she worked from home, it was important to make the most of the small space in order to create a functional living environment for both of them.

One of the challenges we faced was her cat’s love for climbing on the various existing cat furniture. These bulky, store bought items would not fit within our new minimalistic inspired design, so we decided to get creative. Utilizing the tall ceilings of the pre-war apartment, we designed custom furniture and cabinetry not only for storage, but as a space divider and as climbing platforms for Masa to enjoy. 

Apartment living with cats bring the challenge of the liter box, so we designed a custom-built cabinet for it, with a small round hole in the door for easy access when needed. A warm, monochromatic color palette was used throughout the apartment, while layering textures such as rift white oak and black hardware created interest.

To complete the look with a personal touch, we hung the clients collection of art representing various cultures and religions around the world. In the end, we achieved a unique design that catered to both her and her beloved cat. The apartment is a peaceful retreat where they live and work comfortably.