New York City

New York City

In the heart of Riverdale, New York City, we took on the goal of renovating this pre-war kitchen and bathroom, in order to blend the classic elegance of New York City design with a colorful twist of creativity. Our client’s designer for classic details with a unique edge, led us to create spaces that combined the best of both worlds.

The kitchen is a marriage of modern functionality that meets timeless charm. Previously full of outdated appliances and out of style cabinetry, we renovated the space to increase storage and functionality. Using large, patterned floor tiles, and a color palette of white, black and vibrant yellow, we modernized the space and added a cheerful twist, while paying homage to the classic look of the rest of the apartment.

The 2 bathrooms that were renovated were meant to showcase different styles. The smaller bathroom off of the guest bathroom was kept in sync with the kitchen; a classic New York City pre-war design, but with a pop of bright red to add that twist and cheer. The result is a kitchen and bathroom that bridges the gap between tradition and modernity.

The larger bathroom off the hallway in contrast, was a departure and compromise of styles, keeping with the classic style, but bringing in warmer, earthier tones and textures to the space. The rustic stone accent wall in the shower and the serene teal colors create a cozy spa-like escape within the city for this couple.