Woodmere, New York

5,000 Sq Ft house
5 bedroom / 4 bathroom

This 5,000 square foot new construction home was built for a family of four in Woodmere, NY. We designed a light and airy Hampton’s feel for their Long Island home, and though the fixtures and furnishings are modern, we added the moldings and paneling throughout to create a classic and transitional look.

The living and dining room is an open concept. Though the palette throughout the house is serene and monochromatic, we added a custom teal venetian plaster finish in the living room coffers to enhance the style and add some unexpected color.

At the main entrance, the custom designed stair railing and wall paneling in the main entrance adds lots of detail to the space, while a hidden door under the stair that blends with the millwork adds storage and function in a stylish way.

The neutral palette continues through the house with accents that pop or sparkle to create a more unique look in each room.